A carelessly planned project takes three times longer to complete than expected;
a carefully planned project takes only twice as long.
-Golub's Law

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Name of the project Short description Financer / Client Realization
PECB accredited training - Lead Information Security implementer Delivery of PECB accredited training and organization of exam for ISO27001 Lead information security implementer. Participants on this training and exam were consultants in financial services. Abakus consulting October 2016
PECB accredited training - Lead Privacy implementer Delivery of PECB accredited training and organization of exam for ISO29100 Lead privacy implementer. Participants on this training and exam were consultants in financial services Abakus consulting June 2016
ITIL and SCRUM training Development and delivery of ITIL and SCRUM trainings for IT professionals from ICT and Banking sector.  2 days of training with interactive exercises and case studies. AITA October 2015
ITC e-module on Standard and certification for ITO/BPO design and development of content for e-learning module for "Standards and Certification for ITO/BPO"
 - development of module scenario,
 - design of training content
 - development of training
 - development of tests and exercises
 - development of case study
ITC / UN September 2015 - March 2016
ISO 27001 Internal auditor online course for www.advisera.com

Development of materials for online course.
Course for the 27001 Academy part of the online portal www.advisera.com

EPPS Services June – September 2015
ISO 27001 Lead auditor training Delivery of PECB accredited training - ISO 27001 Lead auditor training Open for public June 2015
Risk management training for GEING

The training focus was risk management in doing business based on ISO 31000:2009.
The training covered the following themes:
• Introduction in risk management
• Risk management based on ISO 31000:2009
• Risk management as part of company operation
The goal was to understand the context and the specifics of risk management according ISO 31000:2009 and to enable participants to actively participate in the activities of risk management, particularly risk assessment

GEING March 2013
Train the trainers - Facilitation, training design and presentation skills for CeProSARD

The development and realization of training ”Train the trainers” covered the following themes:
- Facilitation techniques
- Training design
Presentation skills

CeProSARD July 2012
Introduction to Risk management Training for the representatives from KIBS for introduction to the Risk management concept, presenting risk management frameworks, presenting information security risk management and operational risk management. Clearing house - KIBS March 2012
Implementation of ISO TR 15801:2004 for JP Komunalna higiena Training for the introduction and application of the concept of electronic document management and mentoring during implementation of electronic document management system according the international standard ISO TR 15801:2004 JP Komunalna higiena November 2011
Workshop "Advanced Skills for Project Cycle Management" Main objective of this workshop is to improve skills for Project Cycle Management in term of effective and "winning" project applications as well as for qualified training for managing projectс according to the financier criterions. Participants in this workshop after its completition should expect to be able to coordinate temas for preparation of project applications and successful realization of the approved projects. Capacity building for creating knowledge based economy, financed by Austrian Development Cooperation / APPRM March 2011
CEFTA DIHK - RIA training The objective of this specific activity is through 2-day training, the chamber representatives to understand:
• What is Regulatory Impact Assessment (RIA) and its relation to the policy / law making process
• What is the role of the business associations and chambers in the RIA process
• How and when the business associations and chambers can contribute in the RIA process
DIHK / CEFTA Project 2010
Operational Risk Training - AFSARD Two day training of AFSARD management and MA staff on risk management on operational level and proposal for improvements in existing AFSARD Risk model; The learning objectives are to ensure that the audience fully understand how risk management techniques have developed generally, together with the requirements in respect of the Basel Accord that applies to financia institutions. The types of options available and solutions provided аре discussed and approaches recommended. Аlso operational risk was linked to risk management and linkage to economic capital was explained. IPARD/AFSARD - IPA April 2010
Introducing CMC in Kosovo The general goal of this project is to raise the consultants' capacity and take further steps towards accreditation of consultants in Kosovo from an internationally recognized accreditation institute, and to make an essential difference to the quality of consulting that local consultants provide to SME’s in Kosovo. The concrete objectives of this project are: 1) Train at least 20 local consultants on skills and standards required for the CMC certification process. 2) Providing local consultants with the skills necessary to design, manage and implement consultancy projects at high professional and ethical standard; 3) Providing consultants with methods and skills to manage consultancy companies; 4) Increase awareness among local consulting community and clients of consulting services; 5) Guidance in establishing a professional association of consultants and in establishing relevant regulations and standards. TAM BAS Kosovo / CMC Candidates - Kosovian consultants 2010

Delivery of training “Management towards results”

Delivery of training “Managing towards results” as part of the Program for Development of the managing skills of the Managing civil servants for the Civil Servants Agency.

Civil Servants Agency

May 2009

MASIT-  Introduction to ICT services management system

MASIT - organization of IT firms, organized a session on which T&P Consulting presented the IT service management concept. Theme: „Is “ISO/IEC  20000 IT Service Management System”  applicable in our 'firms"



Kaliningrad - Consulting services for CMC certification

The overall objective of the assignment is to strengthen the capacity of the Kaliningrad Management Consulting Association. Participant of the training were local consultants, members of the association, who are giving consultancy services for SMEs.
T&P consultant designed the training materials and conducted the Workshop for the members of the Association of consultants.

European bank for reconstruction and development / Kaliningrad Management Consulting Association

May 2009

GOFRE 04 07 - Briefing note

Training for policy analysis with preparation of briefing note for the civil servants. Identifying the need for training, preparing training materials, realization of the training and preparing a report and recommendations from the training.

GOFRE / Government of RM


HRDF1 - Innovation and Technology Management

Human resources development trough preparation and realization of training for concrete target groups. The objective - preparing a final learning package on Innovation and Technology Management through reviewing the delivered programme, learning materials and tools in order to identify possible areas of improvement and update the existing materials with additional resources and links.
Main topics - Project Management Concepts and Processes (based on Project Management Body of Knowledge Guide (PMBOK) of Project Management Institute as a standard guide on Project Management).


2005 - 2006

Annual Framework Training Agreements with Macedonian Telecommunication
(2006, 2007, 2008) 

3 years in succession, Trajkovski and Partners Consulting fulfills the criteria of Macedonian Telecommunication for framework supplier of design and training realization.  

Macedonian Telecommunication

2001 - 2002

Training of agents in the contact centre in MT

Training of 60 potential contact centre' agents for developing basic skills: organization of the work place, communication with clients, listening, dealing with incidents.

MT - Macedonian Telecommunication/ Information Sector


Design, development and delivery of trainings and consulting services

Trajkovski&Partners Consulting – Internal Training for strengthening the capacities of T&P. The training was organized by T&P consultants.



Preparation for good collaboration

Short trainings for Yes Incubator: effective team work, how to be a good partner, how to make a good presentation, business ethics, business correspondence etc. Modules included:
1. Presentations skills
2. How to be desired partner
3. Effective team work

YES Incubator


ELSA Conference- Training about Information Security

On the conference " Legal challenges in cyber environment" organized by the student organization ELSA, T&P Consulting  organized short trainings for information security on theme:

  • Defining and explaining the meaning of  the notion information and basic types of information
  • Security and internet security
  • Most common treats of information security
  • System for information security
  • Standards and recommendations for information security on internet



BSI Training for work continuity and information security management

Training for work continuity and information security management systems, organized by BSI on the event  „BSI Communication“  in Novi Sad.



Managerial skills for middle level managers in public administration

Specialize management training for civil servants from the Sector for implementation of Ohrid Framework Agreement.
Main goals- improvement of managerial and administrative skills related to the everyday working. 
Overall goals- Strengthening of the participants' capacities and managerial skills, such as team work, time management, organizing administrative archive and correspondence, conflict management and facilitating skills.

"Atos Origin" and Government of the  R.Macedonia - Sector for implementation of Ohrid Framework Agreement.


Training for presentational skills for talented employees

Presentation Skills - Development and realization of training for the MT second level managers employees that have need for improving their knowledge in successful designing and realizing of their presentations. The training was focused on practical exercises. Topics included:

  • How to prepare for successful presentation
  • How to control the fear and stage fright
  • Planning the presentation
  • Preparation of the presentation
  • Efficient use for presentation tools and techniques
  • Realization of the presentation

Macedonian Telecommunications


Strategic workshop for ISMS in Macedonian Bank

Strategic workshop for introducing the management team with business continuity plan and information security.

Macedonian Bank


Project Design Methodology training for Macedonian E-Society Association (MESA) - UNDP support of MESA municipal centers

Goal - to strengthen the program / project development capacity of MESA Members as a key factor affecting its long-term sustainability, functioning and efficiency in advancing the information technology in the country.
MESA members are assessing local and national IT development needs that the Association and the local Foundations can address, to identify prospective projects and to develop concept / project documents. The training participants should attain knowledge, skills and tools for project proposal development.

UNDP – Municipalities Information Centers in R.M. (MESA - Macedonian E-Society Association)


Training for Tele-sale

Training development and realization for tele-sales or sales and marketing trough phones for Agents of Contact Center in Macedonian Telecommunication.
Goals - agents' qualification for professional realization of their work.

Macedonian Telecommunication, Contact Centre        


BSI 7799 training

Organization and realization of BSI 7799 basic training and training for auditors.

Participants from ICT centers and civil service


Basic skills training for 988 operators in MT

One day training for basic skills in operators' communication within the information service 988

Macedonian Telecommunication


How to participate in EC FP5/6/7

Building capacities for active participation in EC FP through:

  • development of project proposal based on official EU project cycle management methodology with specifics guidelines for EU framework programmes
  • cretion of EU networks, establish consortiums, managing partnering
  • introduction of the rules for participation,
  • eligibility criteria,
  •  incorporate in international consortiums.

Ministry of Macedonia/ University


CAF Methodology

Team training from municipality project planning and improvement action plan for delivery of municipality services and infrastructure projects. Training for implementing the CAF methodology for self assessment of quality working.
Beneficiaries: Municipality of Saraj and Sveti Nikole

DTZ. Ministry of local self-government.


Public Private Partnership – PPP for managers in municipalities

Serial of several seminars and workshops for PPP. Main topics: PPP concept, models of PPP, procedure for realization of PPP partnership, analysis for chances of using the PPP model in RM, identification of interest for PPP.
Participants: 100 Local Government Majors, Managers of Public Enterprise and Communal inspectors.



Job Search Skills for Managers

Training was organized as workshop and developed on the basic assumptions that people learn best by “doing” with immediate feedback on their performance and interactive dialogue.

British American Tobacco


Development of training modules for civil servants – Managing for Quality

Developing, organizing and delivering a training program for middle level managers in the public administration. The entire program was split into logical modules covering a specific topic. Trajkovski & Partners got the module for Managing for Quality. The development of the modules was preceded with Training needs analysis that revealed the specific needs of the target participants. Based on these needs the modules were developed.
The delivery of the training modules was done over a period of 6-9 months, module after module.  The process finished with evaluation of the participants through evaluation of the projects that they have made concerning the implementation of newly learned methods and tools in their every day work.

DIFID   / Agency of civil servants


МT Service Level Agreement Training (SLA)

Training for the MT management team with aim to increase the awareness of the need for using contracts for defining the level of service quality offered.

Macedonian Communication


Workshop for implementation of National Project management methodology for realization of IT projects and quality management

Training for civil servants for applying National IT Project management methodology for governmental services. The methodology was based on PMI Institute methodology.
Main topics of training:  How to use the Methodology, IT Project life cycle, Project Team organization, Quality management, Project Control Book, Project Time Management
Participants: Heads of IT departments and IT professionals

Ministry of Science /
Managers of IT departments and IT companies


In – company project related trainings

Name of the project

Short description

Financer / Client


CaSys - Establishment of IT Service Management System based on ISO20000:2005

Training of the CaSys project team:

  • Introduction to ISO 20000
  • Service Level Management
  • Internal auditing of ISO 20000



Cacttus- Implementation of integrated management system inclusive of QMS based on ISO 9001:2008 and ISMS based on ISO 27001:2005

Training of the Cacttus project team:

  • Introduction to ISO 9001
  • Introduction to ISO 27001
  • Introduction to Integrated Management System - IMS
  • Business process modeling
  • Risk management
  • Establishing the IMS
  • Implementation of IMS
  • Train the trainers for awareness raising among employees
  • Awareness raising training for all employees
  • Internal auditing of the IMS

BAS Kosovo- Co-financer/Cacttus, Kosovo


Deployment of regulatory impact assessment (RIA)

The objective of the assignment was to facilitate the deployment of pilot projects, to prepare a Manual for RIA for civil servants and to build capacities for RIA in the public and business sector.
Training results:

  • Workshop on RIA and the role of business sector in the process
  • Presentations on RIA and the process for RIA in all ministries individually

GOFRE / Government of RM / General secretariat of the Government of RM


Establishing ISMS based on ISO 27001:2005 in Hi-Tech (Phase 2)

Training of the Hi-Tech project team:

  • Introduction to ISO 27001
  • Risk assessment
  • Documentation of Information Security Management System - ISMS based on ISO 27001
  • Internal auditing of the ISMS

IFC / Hi-Teach

2007 - 2008

Review and upgrade of the established ISMS and ITSM in AML 2008

Training for awareness raising and instructions on how to use the documented Information Security Management System and IT Service Management System

Directorate for Prevention Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing


Support of the development of professional associations

Consultant support of development of professional associations. Realization of trainings on following themes:

  • Association development
  • Strategic planning
  • Lobbying

GTZ PSP, Professional associations

2003 - 2005

Business Process Reengineering - ENC and implementation of QMS based on ISO 9001

Training of the ENC project team for :

  • Introduction to ISO 9001
  • Business process modeling
  • Documentation of the Quality management system - QMS based on ISO 9001
  • Internal audit of the QMS

Euro Netcom


Business process reengineering - MBS and implementation of QMS based on ISO 9001

Training of the MBS project team for :

  • Introduction to ISO 9001
  • Business process modeling
  • Documentation of the Quality management system - QMS based on ISO 9001
  • Internal audit of the QMS



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